Classic Events

Classic Events is the organizer of the world's most remarkable long-distance rallies for classic cars and we have been a partner for almost all Vredestein car tyre introductions for the past 12 years. Have a look at our latest introduction in Scotland of the Quatrac 5 and the Sportrac 5! Guaranteed the most smiles per mile!

Some examples:
We organized The Winter Trial (s), Carrera  Copacabana, The Trial to the Nile, La Carrera Mediterrana, The 2000 Mile Trial, The Kiwi Trial and more. Just  click on some logo's on the top of this page to discover more about us and our events.

Events where you make friends for life.

Our expertise is also used on events like;Safari Rally, Wings Wheels and Goggles, the VvAA Rally and many more.
Our next main event is the bi-annual CONCOURS D'ÉLÉGANCE PALEIS HET LOO of which the 12th edition is up in 2016. 


Classic Rally Experience

We are glad to organize a 'Classic Rally Experience'  for you! Look it up in the banner above to find out what it is.


We have organised Classic Rally Experiences for (a.o.) JCI, VvAA, Bank ten Cate Cie, Bilderberg, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Total Netherlands, Staalbankiers, Centraal Beheer Achmea, ING Private Banking, Yacht, Beelen Sloopwerken, BDO Accountants, KIKA foundation, Raet automation, the MS Foundation and many many more.  We have organised over 240 events in the past 8 years. 

Contact us ...

If, as a rally organiser, you are interested in the services with our automated results system,  please contact Guus Rietbergen